10 Reasons why Christmas Hampers make the perfect Corporate Gift!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…….. for Corporate Gifting!

It’s nearly Christmas…… in fact there are only 73 days til Christmas 2015. And whilst this might seem like heaps of time…….time flies remember?

Now is the perfect time to start your Christmas shopping list and for people in the corporate world, now is the best time to get organised and start planning the company Christmas gifting. Don’t leave it til the last minute to choose or create the perfect Christmas gift.

Did you know that in many workplace surveys, many people are disappointed with the gifts they receive at Christmas from their employer? Most unpopular Christmas gifts are paper weights, calendars, coffee mugs, stuffed animals, pens and hams.


A great way to say thank you at Christmas time is with Christmas gift hampers.


1. Universal Appeal -They are universally appreciated by both men and women.

2. Gift baskets are a unique and bespoke Christmas gift idea – many people (like myself) like to give the perfect Christmas gift that is going to be loved by the recipient. Web based hamper companies like Hamper Gift Gallery can create Christmas gift hampers that are tailored to suit your budget, choice of items, gift box, ribbon and even coloured tissued paper. You can even enclose a personalised message. Creating your own Christmas hamper also shows that you have put some thought into the gift.

3. Ideal Gift that everyone loves- A Christmas hamper makes an ideal gift for staff, clients or special people in the workplace.

4. Wide appeal - They make a perfect gift for a family or for an individual of any age.

5. Affordable - Gift hampers are reasonably priced and offer much better value compared to other commercial products available in stores.

6. No Fringe Benefits Tax - Many business enterprises send Christmas hampers to their workers, suppliers, business partners and customers at Christmas time. The beauty about Christmas hampers is that they do not attract fringe benefits tax compared to other gifts such as concert tickets or dinners given as gifts.

7. Christmas hampers are an easy choice if you are stuck on a Christmas gift idea.

9. Practical – many Christmas gifts are unused by the recipient. A Christmas hamper with gourmet food and wine will be consumed and enjoyed.

10. Avoid the shops and buy online! – The festive season can be the most enjoyable time of year but it can also be the busiest and stressful time. Shopping centres are overcrowded, people are all vying for the limited parking spots available, queues are unbearably long. Buying your Christmas hampers online will mean avoiding the crowds, long queues and stress. At Hamper Gift Gallery, ordering online is easy, secure and fast. And best of all we organise the delivery for you!

Hamper Gift Gallery will make your Corporate Gifting easy this Christmas!





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